CEPT® – Energy efficient technology in the leading edge, generating increased profitability.


Our CEPT® technology is based on decades of university research and development. We have now taken the technology a step further. Our CEPT® is more energy efficient than any competing generator. This means that the technology can be implemented in a variety of industries, generating pulsating electric fields and increased profitability.

Our unique and patented CEPT® generator is verified and has a wide range of applications. The technology is based on electroporation, which is used for example in biochemistry for opening and inserting substances into cells. The cell membranes are stretched and small pores are formed when exposed to the CEPT® generator’s electric field. The technology exposes the charged particles in the cell nucleus to an electric field. The charged particles are then attracted to their antipoles, and the cell membrane is subjected to high forces when the charged particles in the nucleus strive in different directions. This causes holes in the cell membrane.

Our technique can create holes designed to destroy the cell, for example in order to increase the efficiency of the biogas production, but by adjusting the power, we can also use the technology to insert substances into the cells without causing damage to the cell, such as an antifreeze protein that will protect the cell against the cold.

CEPT® is 15 times more energy efficient compared with traditional electroporation. Usually, generators with very high capacity are used. Our CEPT® generator consists of a number of pulse generators connected in series. These are synchronized with the light fiber from an external controller. The voltage pulse that occurs, the sum of all generators available, exists only during the very short time determined by the control system.


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